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Kris Jenner set to release cookbook
16:30 Thu Jul 24 2014
The list of Kardashian tie-in merchandise has grown even longer with news that celebrity momager Kris Jenner is releasing her very own recipe collection.
Producers struggle to meet kale demand
12:00 Thu Jul 24 2014
The popularity of kale in vegan diets, health smoothies and juice diets has left farmers with a worldwide production shortage.
Expired meat sent to McDonald's China
10:30 Tue Jul 22 2014
A Shanghai TV station says a supplier sold expired meat to McDonald's and KFC in China.
Waitress eats roach in diner's food
14:30 Thu Jul 17 2014
A Chinese diner was shocked to find a cockroach in his salad but was even more blown away when the waitress he complained to said it was "very normal" and devoured the bug to prove it was safe.
Man attempts to chug gallon of honey
15:30 Wed Jul 16 2014
An American competitive eater known as the LA Beast has upped the ante for epic food feats by chugging almost four litres of honey while hundreds of bees swarmed all over his face.
Diner finds live cockroach in risotto
09:30 Tue Jul 15 2014
A Brisbane restaurant has been fined more than $25,000 after a diner found a live cockroach in her risotto.
Two in hospital after eating very spicy burger
10:00 Sun Jul 13 2014
Some corporations go a little overboard with their own branding and impose it on just about everything they do, including their employees. Apple is one of those companies, with their iPhones, iPads and now iCup technicians.
Apple seeks iCup technician
14:00 Fri Jul 11 2014
Some corporations go a little overboard with their own branding and impose it on just about everything they do, including their employees. Apple is one of those companies, with their iPhones, iPads and now iCup technicians.
Man dies during hot dog eating contest
12:30 Thu Jul 10 2014
Food forms an important part of US Independence Day celebrations each year but a choking death during an eating contest has cast a pall over the festivities in one South Dakota town.
Bakery refuses to serve gay community
13:30 Wed Jul 9 2014
A Christian bakery owner in Northern Ireland faces legal action after refusing to make a cake with a slogan supporting gay marriage.
Surprising McDonald’s meals found abroad
13:30 Tue Jul 8 2014
For unadventurous tourists, a trip to McDonald’s is usually the safest option to avoid any unwanted dishes from the local restaurants or street stalls.
Vampire cafe offers blood bag cocktails
13:30 Mon Jul 7 2014
The globe's appetite for vampire culture has now reached the food world in the tastiest and most sociable way. Tapping into the popularity of shows such as True Blood, a cafe operator in China has opened a vampire-themed venue and serves its drinks in "blood" bags.
France allows wine ban in offices
08:00 Sat Jul 5 2014
The traditional French office drinks party could soon be a thing of the past after the government said wine could threaten workers' well-being.
RusBurgers replaces McDonald's in Crimea
14:30 Wed Jul 2 2014
Crimea’s fast food customers used to buy McDonald’s Big Macs but now they’ll be offered a Czar Cheeseburger at the new food chain - ‘RusBurger’.
Eating healthy could prevent chronic diseases
13:00 Tue Jul 1 2014
Eating a wide variety of fresh fruit, vegetables and whole grains could help prevent the development of one or more chronic diseases, a new medical research shows.
Americans get chocolate fried chicken restaurant
14:30 Mon Jun 30 2014
A new restaurant has just opened in LA specialising in chocolate-covered poultry.
Monster concoction equal to 56 Red Bull cans
10:00 Mon Jun 30 2014
Caffeine connoisseur Andrew Chifari ordered a stupendous creation, worth US$54.75, at a Starbucks in Texas (everything really is bigger there).
A big breakfast does cure a hangover
08:00 Sat Jun 28 2014
After a night out with friends, a full English breakfast is the best way to cure a hangover, a leading researcher has claimed.
Don't wash raw chicken, experts warn
15:00 Mon Jun 16 2014
Cooks shouldn't wash raw chicken because it can spread some dangerous bacteria more readily, UK health experts say.
China factory staff stomp on noodles
10:30 Fri Jun 13 2014
Photographs have emerged of bare-footed workers walking over and sleeping on vermicelli noodles destined for the dinner table.
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