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Chinese restaurant served opium-laced noodles
09:00 Fri Sep 26 2014
A noodle restaurant owner in China's northern Shaanxi province always had customers coming back for more and now police now why — he added ground poppy seeds, the same substance from which opium is made.
Man's entire body plagued by worms after eating sashimi
14:30 Thu Sep 25 2014
A Chinese man’s body has been left riddled with tapeworms after he ate contaminated sashimi.
Zombie show inspires 'human flesh' burger
08:45 Wed Sep 24 2014
A London eatery is offering diners the chance to send their taste buds to the dark side with its "human flesh" burger.
Millie Elder-Holmes slams fellow food blogger
12:00 Mon Sep 22 2014
Millie Elder-Holmes has slammed fellow food blogger Sera Lilly-Lao for reportedly buying the rights to an internet domain name.
'We don't give a s--- about gluten free': restaurateur
15:00 Sun Sep 21 2014
An American restaurateur frustrated by his customers' picky food requests says he doesn't care about your gluten allergy.
Salt levels in bread, cereals still high
13:00 Thu Sep 18 2014
Bread and cereal manufacturers have reduced the salt content of their products but levels still remain high, according to the latest research.
Szubanski leaves Jenny Craig role, again
12:30 Wed Sep 10 2014
Magda Szubanski has left her role as an ambassador for Jenny Craig less than six months after the comedian was re-signed with the weight loss company.
Bakers 'threaten German pretzel shortage'
02:15 Mon Sep 1 2014
A German news magazine reports bakers in Bavaria are threatening to go on strike during Oktoberfest over a pay dispute.
Texan brewery releases 99-pack of beer
10:30 Thu Aug 28 2014
Everything is bigger in Texas, goes the famous slogan - and now we can add beer to that list.
McDonald’s turns to celebrity chefs to boost sales
12:30 Fri Aug 22 2014
Eating healthy has never been more popular and these days, it seems you're just as likely to see a line for green smoothies at a trendy cafe as you are at the McDonald's drive through.
All-bacon bar to open in Montreal
10:30 Thu Aug 21 2014
A new bar set to open in Montreal, Canada is every bacon lover’s dream.
Poor Americans forced to buy unhealthy junk food
12:00 Wed Aug 20 2014
Americans receiving food aid have much higher rates of diabetes and high blood pressure than the U.S. population as a whole, and some of the habits they resort to in order to stretch their dollars just make the situation worse.
Parents beware: Little Shop is back
04:01 Mon Aug 18 2014
New World hopes to cash in again with the return of its successful Little Shop promotion of collectable mini grocery items.
Robo-cook: android restaurant boots up
16:30 Sat Aug 16 2014
A restaurant in China is using robots to greet customers, cook and deliver food to tables.
Magazines pushing bad food at kids: study
12:00 Fri Aug 15 2014
Bad foods are being pushed in teen magazines, meaning self-regulation of advertising is not working, researchers say.
Pre-ground coffee may contain twigs or dirt
10:30 Fri Aug 15 2014
No doubt about it: there is trouble in coffee land. Drought and the spread of "leaf rust," a plant disease, has left growers suffering in Brazil, the source of roughly a third of the world's coffee supply.
French wine producers turn to science
14:00 Mon Aug 11 2014
French winemakers are working with scientists on technologies to develop a range of varietal wines made from a single-named type of grape.
Restaurants just as bad for health as fast food
14:00 Mon Aug 11 2014
When you visualise a poor diet, you probably imagine a burger and fries before you think about a good cut of steak at a fancy restaurant.
US restaurant creates doughnut cheeseburger
02:00 Thu Jul 31 2014
A US burger creation - marrying a five-ounce beef patty, cheddar cheese and fried onions with a glazed doughnut - is a new entry in the unhealthy stakes.
Lamb and kumara pie wins best in NZ
02:00 Wed Jul 30 2014
A lamb cutlet and kumara mash pie, with the unusual feature of a bone sticking through the lid, has won this year's Supreme Pie Awards.
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