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Vegetarians live longer, study says

16/10/2012 2:00:00 PM
Vegetarians live longer, study says
Vegetarians live longer, study says

If we were to have a health wishlist points like live longer, improve brain health, reduce risk of disease and control waist size would sure feature.

While they might sound idealistic, a new study might have found the answer, and it’s easier to incorporate into your current lifestyle than you’d think.

The Loma Linda University in California has tracked the health habits of thousands of Seventh-day Adventists. A religious denomination that promotes vegetarianism and discourage drinking, smoking and drug use. The Adventist Health Study 2, which is midway to completion, includes over 90,000 people from America and Canada, and presents findings which many believe is revolutionary to the way we diet and live.

The study found that those who were vegan and vegetarian had far better health stats than those who were not. Foods frequently consumed by vegetarians, such as fruit, vegetables, legumes and nuts, can reduce a person’s risk of getting many diseases, ranging from heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, and some cancer. The study even suggested brain health was boosted and body mass index (BMI) could be controlled by adopting this diet.

When it came to vegans, the study found they are, on average, 13kg lighter than their meat-eating counterparts. They were also five points lighter on the BMI chart. Vegetarians and vegans proved less insulin resistant than others, while semi-vegetarians (irregular meat eaters) have “intermediate protection” against lifestyle diseases. Interestingly, researchers found that lean people are more likely to eat plants, exercise regularly and avoid cigarettes than overweight people.

User comments
Vegetarians come in two sizes. very skinny or very fat. And all look pale and often sickly. Vegetarian is also an old Indian term for useless hunter
Social Engineering and opinion forming BS, sounds like a certified Monsanto load of crap to me, where are your references? where is this study and who funded it? i want links and more information. I eat 90% vegetarian and 90% organic food yet i still think this article is bias and nothing more than an attempt by someone to form public opinion! Who the hell wrote this article! no journalistic integrity at all, no liability, nothing! this makes me sick, society as it stands is failing and i do pray for something nasty to happen, im sick of constantly being reminded how inferior the human race is by the fact that it consumes itself. I hope all your Monsanto GMO Crops mutate you all beyond recognition, have fun
Gimme a meat pie or steak any day, a carrot stick or tofu just doesn't cut it or fill me up! Kill an animal and serve it to me. I'm 50 and Doc says fit as a fiddle, perfect blood pressure, cholesterol etc. Everything in moderation because I was a vegetarian for twenty years until a year ago when my Doc told me my iron was low because of not eating red meat. So I understand why people go the vego way but eventually it will catch up on you so I guess its a trade off. ie being slim, gaunt and vegan looking instead of looking like a Fred Flintstone cave man. Each to their own, Peace out.

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